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I favor a holistic approach to emotional ailments. I believe in treating the whole being: mind, body and environment to achieve healing and inner peace.  As a behavioral scientist, I belief that we humans are bio-psycho-social organisms. As a matter of faith, I belief that we are spiritual beings as well. Marianela Caaballero, Psy. D, LMHC

Services: Services
Bohemian Girl

Individual Psychotherapy

“I firmly believe that you are the master of your own mind and thus you hold the key to a life of freedom: a life free from fear, despair, self-doubt or regret. As a clinician, my job is to guide you on your path of self-discovery.  As you unlock your own self-determination, you are free to experience the world in both wonder and peace”.

Green House

Marraige Counseling

More than likely, like most of us, you married for love and in love, and now, struggling with emotional pain, you ask yourself …what happened?
Ahh…the expectations that we bring to the marital relationship… Somehow, we are supposed to know and meet each other’s needs just because we experienced love. Nothing, I mean nothing, can replace the effective communication of those needs. I find it enormously rewarding when I assist couples in sharing the God given right to TALK to each other in a language that is understandable to both.

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Family Therapy

“Family relationships are some of the most challenging relationships that we will encounter in life. We are born into a family, and develop within a family at a stage in life when we are most vulnerable: childhood. Healthy family experiences provide us with opportunities to grow into more effective communicators; painful family experiences allow us to practice one of the most valuable assets afforded to humans: the exercise of forgiveness and letting go”.

We want you to succeed. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our variety of therapy services.

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